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SUMMIT Treestand self-climbing VIPER SD - The Classic


Summit "Viper SD" - The Classic...

Summit's Viper SD self-climbing tree stand has everything you'd expect from a Summit tree stand: light weight, comfort, ease of use, quiet operation...

Comes with a safety harness.

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The Summit Viper SD self-climbing treestand is an easy-to-use, lightweight and comfortable mobile stalking platform that will increase your shooting opportunities. It's the ideal companion for any bowhunter, whether stalking or driven.

The SD (Sound Deadening) finish on the new 2012 models consists of filling the strategic hollow parts of the treestand with sound deadening foam for even quieter use.

Summit Viper SD Self Climbing

The complete, assembled tree stand includes:

  • a 5-rail aluminum platform
  • aluminum seat frame
  • a comfortable camo seat
  • 2 sheathed steel suspension cables
  • 1 EEC approved safety harness
  • 2 hoops to fix the feet for climbing
  • camo "arm" protection cushions
  • camo backpack straps
  • 1 green assembly strap
  • manual and DVD (in English)

Technical specifications:

Weight: 9,07 Kg

Material: Aluminum

Shaft diameter: 20 cm to 50 cm

Seat Height: Adjustable

Seat dimensions: (base) 45 cm wide X 30 cm long - (back) 30 cm wide X 50 cm long

Overall dimensions: 50cm X 91 cm

Platform: 50 cm wide X 73 cm long

Seat frame: 50 cm wide X 67 cm long

Weight limit: 136 Kg

Some explanations of the technology used to manufacture the Summit treestands:

Summit Sound Deadening Technology

Summit's Dead Metal Sound Deadening SD technology: Every little noise that can be avoided is crucial to keeping you hidden while on a blind. This sound deadening technology works by filling critical parts of the platform with an expanding foam specifically designed to reduce unintentional noise caused by movement on the platform.

Summit's QuickDraw® cable retention system

Summit's QuickDraw® Cable Retention System: An important innovation in the use of self-climbing tree stands. It is the fastest and quietest cable retention system ever invented. Once the cable is sized for the diameter of the trees, all you have to do is insert the cable into the QuickDraw® bracket on the suspension arm, pull the "safety trigger" and the cable locks securely in place. Simple, no need for pins, nuts or bolts and absolutely safe and quiet hooking!!!

Summit's RapidClimb® Climbing Stirrups

Summit's RapidClimb® Climbing Stirrups: They are ergonomic and adjustable to fit any shoe. Fast and incredibly easy to use, they come standard on all of Summit's self-climbing treestands.

Summit's SummitLokt® precision welding

Summit's SummitLokt® Precision Welding: High-quality extruded aluminum and SummitLokt® Precision Welding technology ensure absolute rigidity and maximum strength in every treestand. Each joint is designed so that stress on the weld is minimized and "locked" into place before welding. The result is a quiet, strong, safe and secure treestand!

3 Items

Data sheet

11,79 Kg
Seat frame
50 x 67 cm
50 x 73 cm
Overall dimensions
91 x 50 cm
Limite de Poids
136 kg

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Summit Treestand Manual EN

Summit Treestand Instruction Manual

Download (1.41MB)

Summit Harness Manual EN

Summit Treestand Safety Harness Instruction Manual

Download (1.21MB)

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