TIGHTSPOT Carquois 5 flèches haut de gamme pour arc compound

TIGHTSPOT High quality 5 arrows quiver for compound bow


Les carquois TightSpot en vente chez THS

By equipping your compound bow with a TightSpot Quiver, you are giving yourself excellence!

Known and recognized by top bowhunters as "The Rolls" of compound quivers, TightSpot quivers have everything you could want in a good quiver:

  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Strong
  • Quiet
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Perfect hold of arrows regardless of their diameter
  • Virtually glued to your bow

Available in Right and Left handed, in a multitude of finishes.

Black, Tactical and Mossy Oak Country Break-Up in stock, other finishes available upon request.

Finish: Black
Laterality: Right-handed
Product available with different options
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Les carquois TightSpot sont en vente chez The Hunting Shop

Treat yourself to "The Rolls" of quivers for your compound bow, treat yourself to a TightSpot!!!

Known and recognized by the greatest bowhunters as "The Rolls" of compound quivers, TightSpot quivers have all the features you would expect from a good quiver:

  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Strong
  • Quiet
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Perfect hold of arrows regardless of their diameter
  • Virtually glued to your bow

Significantly reduces the torque of your bow. Leave your quiver on your bow and keep your arrows within reach...

The purpose of a bow quiver is to make your arrows easily accessible. Removing your quiver from the bow defeats this purpose.

TightSpot fits your bow perfectly and is exceptionally light, which means virtually no torque. And that means increased shooting accuracy!

Why do so many bowhunters take off their quivers when hunting? Because they shoot better without one! They are willing to forgo having their arrows in range for a second shot to ensure an accurate shot. The problem is the design of most quivers. The further away a quiver is from the bow, the more torque it creates. Torque affects accuracy, throws off the balance and makes tuning more difficult, especially with broadheads. TightSpot's patented dovetail design eliminates this problem! But proximity to the bow is only half the problem! The heavier the quiver, the more torque it exerts. TightSpot Quivers win on this point too! They are exceptionally light, thanks to vibration-absorbing woven carbon rods and a frame machined from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Torque réduits grâce au carquois TightSpot

Shoot better!

With the TightSpot ™ quiver, you shoot better with your quiver on your bow than you ever did without your old quiver!

TightSpot is infinitely adjustable, which means it acts as a stabilizer, balancing your bow; it also allows you to misalign the quiver so your notches don't touch the ground.

TightSpot's exclusive 3-way "RightSpot" adjustment system (Patent #8,839,773) allows you to adjust the balance of your bow using your quiver. TightSpot acts as a stabilizer, improving the balance of your bow.

1. Up or Down
This movement not only allows you to adjust the balance of the bow, but also allows you to adjust the quiver high enough so that the notches of your arrow do not penetrate the ground.

2. Forward or Backward
Rotating the TightSpot forward or backward allows you to fine tune the balance of the bow, much like a stabilizer.

3. In or Out
By sliding your TightSpot quiver close to your bow on the patented dovetail rail, you will virtually eliminate torque.

Hold your arrows firmly!

Never lose your arrows again...

TightSpot holds your arrows with 20 times more strength than other quivers. Never lose an expensive arrow on your way to your treestand again!
The individually adjustable arrow clamps will prevent any loose arrows in the quiver or lost arrows altogether!

Over time or in cold weather, the arrow clips on all quivers tend to loosen. The exclusive Bulldog Gripper ™ system (Patent #8,839,773) on a TightSpot quiver is different in that you can adjust the pressure for each arrow. By simply moving the ArrowWedge ™ setting, you'll get a customized hold on each arrow. No more arrows making noise, vibrating or falling out of your quiver!

Quiet as death... !!!

Any vibration means noise, and noise can mean a sharp reaction from game that causes the string to "pop". TightSpot eliminates vibration and noise!

The TightSpot Quiver's built-in vibration absorption system attacks vibrations from every possible angle. In fact, this system works so well that your bow vibrates less with a TightSpot quiver attached than without one!

  1. The extra-long wheelbase TightSpot quivers have a very long travel. This distance between the hood and the tube gripper reduces boom and quiver vibration, which greatly reduces unwanted noise.
  2. The bumper strip on the crossbar eliminates boom vibration. The TightSpot quiver is designed so that your arrows can rest against the bumper strip on the side of the crossbar, dampening even the smallest vibrations.
  3. The QuadFit ™ rubberized mutidirectional spacer allows you to slide the quiver against the cable spacer. Rotate the QuadFit 4-way spacer (which has a different setting on each side), so that the TightSpot quiver is as tight as possible against your bow. This gives you another point of contact, absorbs vibration, and gives you a reference point so you can place the quiver in the same spot every time.
  4. The high quality woven carbon rods offer an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and absorb vibration. One of the reasons the TightSpot quiver is so light is that its structure consists of two carbon rods. These carbon rods are made of woven, high-carbon fabric. They are expensive but offer an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, excellent stability and maximum vibration absorption. In fact, these rods work so well that your bow itself vibrates less with a TightSpot quiver attached than without one.
  5. Acoustic damping material inside the cover. In the space between the bottom of the quiver and the insert is a damping material specifically designed for acoustic soundproofing applications. This makes the quiver quieter than ever.

TightSpot also offers all the accessories you need to make the most of your quiver in all circumstances:


Our optional secondary clamp works with any of our 5 arrow quivers. This secondary clamp allows you to secure your arrows in the quiver without anything touching the heads in the cap. This way, your fixed-blade tips stay sharp and the mechanical tips can't deploy prematurely. The oval holes allow for self-centering of the arrow in the clamp and installation of all sizes of hunting tubes, including the most popular micro-diameter barrels.


The new XL mounting bracket is extra long and offers more adjustment options than before. This will promote quiver clearance on a bow where the arrow rest would conflict with the quiver. The XL mounting bracket is ½ inch longer than our standard mounting bracket for better clearance.


This new mount is 40% lighter than the previous version and has 15 more degrees of rotation for better clearance on different bows.


The Treestand mount is very simple... It mounts to the back of your 5 or 7 arrow quiver and stays on! It is easily removed and screwed into your tree, then you reattach the quiver to it. It's a solid mount that allows you to take a second arrow with one hand without the hassle of a hanging quiver.

Available in Right and Left handed, in a variety of finishes.

Black, Tactical and Mossy Oak Country Break-Up in stock, other finishes available to order with reasonable lead times.

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5 Arrows
280.7 grams
50.2 cm

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